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Competition Programme 20th Anniversary Workshop on Advocacy

20 Years of OECD KPC Competition Programme and Workshop on Advocacy

Seoul, May 28, 2024 — The OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC) commemorated two decades of its competition program with a seminar that brought together experts, policymakers, legal professionals, and business leaders. The event aimed to foster knowledge exchange and effective advocacy efforts in the field of competition policy.

Highlights of the Seminar:

  1. Opening Remarks and Congratulatory Messages:

    • Mr. Hotae Kim, Director General of the OECD KPC Competition Programme, welcomed participants.
    • Mr. Yoshiki Takeuchi, Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD, and Mr. Hong-sun Cho, Vice Chairperson of the Korea Fair Trade Commission, delivered congratulatory remarks.
  2. 20th Anniversary Commencement:

    • The seminar featured a PR video highlighting the OECD KPC’s achievements.
    • Messages from the Regional Competition Centres in Peru and Hungary were shared via video.
    • The Philippine Competition Commission also conveyed its greetings through a video message.
    • Representatives from Asia-Pacific competition authorities, including Mr. Iskandar Bin Ismail (CEO of MyCC, Malaysia) and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Ahn (Deputy Head of Div. VCC, Viet Nam), presented their experiences.
  3. Group Photo Session and Coffee Break:

    • Participants gathered for a group photo.
    • A brief coffee break allowed networking and informal discussions.
  4. Roundtable Discussion: Advocacy for Competition Policy:

    • Moderated by Mr. Frédéric Jenny (Chairman of the OECD Competition Committee), the roundtable explored effective advocacy strategies.
    • Panellists included:
      • Ms. Kumiko Tanaka (D. Secretary General for International Affairs, JFTC)
      • Mr. Dong Il Nam (Director General for Competition Policy Bureau, KFTC)
      • Mr. Timothy Paul Ker (Head Advisory & Int’l Affairs, HKCC)
      • Mr. Iskandar Ismail (CEO, MyCC, Malaysia)
      • Mr. Taufik Ariyanto (Deputy of Research and Advocacy, KPPU)
  5. Keynote Address:

    • Prof. William Kovacic (George Washington University) delivered a keynote speech.
  6. Welcome Dinner:

    • The seminar concluded with a welcome dinner, where Mr. Ryun-Joo Lee (Executive Secretary, OECD Korea Policy Centre) expressed gratitude to all participants.

The seminar provided a platform for cross-sectoral dialogue, emphasizing the importance of competition policy in fostering fair markets and economic growth.


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