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The 7th Family Policy Experts Meeting in the Asia-Pacific Region


The 7th Family Policy Experts Meeting in Asia-Pacific Region, organized by the OECD Korea Policy Center and the OECD headquaters, was held from October 18th (Wednesday) to 19th (Thursday), 2023, at the President Hotel in Seoul. The meeting aimed to address the global issue of declining fertility and to reassess family policies in the Asia-Pacific region. It was organized to promote cooperation among experts and to share knowledge in order to develop practical solutions.


On the first day of the meeting, time was allocated for a deep understanding of the issue of low fertility, with discussions comparing data between OECD member countries and nations in the Asia-Pacific region. The second day consisted of sessions introducing various family policies in the Asia-Pacific area and sharing information from each country's family databases.



At this meeting, experts from OECD member countries including Korea and Singapore, as well as representatives from national policy research institutions and academia from the Asia-Pacific region, were in attendance. They participated in deep discussions to exchange various perspectives and seek solutions to the problem of low fertility. Additionally, 23 experts from 8 countries (Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mongolia) contributed to the meeting, with China being the only country to participate through online presentations.

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