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Workshop on Cooperation Agreement

Workshop Explores Competition and Sustainability Intersection in Global Business Practices

In a two-day virtual workshop held by the OECD/KPC Competition Programme, industry experts and competition authorities gathered to delve into the critical nexus between cooperation agreements among competitors and sustainability concerns in global markets.

Day 1 Overview - Addressing Competition Dynamics:

The first day's sessions emphasized understanding the general framework of cooperation agreements and their assessment under competition laws. Notable presentations included insights from Ms. Sabine Zigelski of Bundeskartellamt, shedding light on competition assessment methodologies. Additionally, Ms. Annemarie Ter-Heedge from the European Union's DG Comp elaborated on the Horizontal Cooperation Guidelines.

A significant highlight was the discussion led by Anne-Sophie Rainero and Charlotte Noury from Autorite' de la Concurrence, France, examining horizontal agreements within the food retail industry, offering practical insights into real-world scenarios.

Day 2 - Exploring Sustainability and Competition:

The second day delved deeply into the relationship between cooperation agreements and sustainability objectives. Ms. Alessandra Tonazzi of OECD provided a comprehensive perspective on the alignment of cooperation agreements with sustainability goals.

Further discussions led by global competition authorities, including Ms. Celine Van der Weide, Mr. Matthias Ranftl, Mr. Will Richards, and Ms. Lo Hwei Rong, spotlighted the guidelines and initiatives concerning sustainability agreements adopted by various competition authorities worldwide.

A notable inclusion was the elucidation of the Guidelines Concerning the Activities of Enterprises Toward the Realization of a Green Society Under the Antimonopoly Act, presented by Mr. Tomotake HORIMATSU of JFTC, Japan.

Conclusion - Insights and Collaborative Perspectives:

The workshop offered a robust platform for in-depth discussions, unveiling best practices from experienced OECD countries. By engaging participants in these insightful dialogues, the workshop strived to bridge the gap between competition policies and sustainable business practices, fostering an understanding of how competition authorities are incorporating sustainability concerns into their analyses.

The session concluded with remarks from Ms. Alessandra Tonazzi and Mr. Hotae Kim, reiterating the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration to navigate the intersection of competition, cooperation, and sustainability in today's global business landscape.

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