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13th OECD Competition Law Seminar for Judges


13th OECD/KPC Competition Law Seminar Explores Standards of Proof and Review Intensity

Online, September 18, 2023 - The 13th OECD/KPC Competition Law Seminar for Asia-Pacific Judges recently convened via Zoom, focusing on "Standards of Proof and Intensity of Review by Courts." This virtual event attracted legal experts, judges, and academics from around the world.

The seminar commenced with welcoming remarks by Mr. Hotae KIM, Director General of the OECD/KPC Competition Programme. A keynote address was delivered by Judge Romy Tagra from the Philippines, setting the stage for in-depth discussions on competition law.

Mr. Frédéric Jenny, Chairman of the Competition Committee at the OECD, emphasized the importance of reviewing competition cases in his opening remarks. The seminar also featured insights from The Hon Michael O’Bryan, a Federal Court Justice from Australia, on the intensity of court reviews.

Distinguished scholar Prof. Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor of Law at King’s College London, presented an overview of court reviews in the UK and the EU.

The seminar continued with discussions on the standard of proof, featuring contributions from Mr. Vivien Terrien of the European Court of Justice and Dr. Andriani Kalinkiri, a Lecturer in Competition Law at KCL UK.

An open discussion and Q&A session allowed participants to engage with the presenters, followed by closing remarks from Ms. Alessandra Tonazzi, Senior Competition Expert at the OECD. This seminar served as a platform for in-depth exploration of key issues in competition law.

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