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Online OECD Tax Seminar (June, 2nd)

The Tax Programme at the OECD Korea Policy Centre (KPC), in collaboration with the OECD and the Turkiye Tax Center, co-hosted an online international tax seminar via Zoom from June 21 (Tuesday) to 23 (Thursday), 2022.


The seminar introduced the concepts of Pillar 1 (allocation of taxing rights to consuming countries) and Pillar 2 (introduction of a global minimum tax rate), which are the core of the digital tax, which was recently agreed upon as an appropriate taxation measure according to the expansion of the digital economy. The Nexus, which is the basis for determining the Amount A (25% of excess profits) taxation rights of companies subject to Pillar 1, and the application of Revenue Sourcing Rules, which allocate a company's gross sales to each country, were introduced in the webinar.


The online seminar was attended by about 200 tax officials from more than 30 non-OECD countries. The speakers included Ms. Melinda Brown (OECD), Mr. Thomas Ecker (OECD), Mr. Vegard Holmedahl (OECD), Ms. Katrina Bond (Australia), Ms. Melani Dewi Asuti (DGT), Ms. Victoria Perez de la Cruz ona (Spain), and Mr. Bruno da Silva (ADB).

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