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Workshop on Market Definition and abuse of Dominance: 9-11 May, 2023

Competition Programme, OECD Korea Policy Centre Hosts OECD Workshop on Combating Abuse of Dominance in the Asia-Pacific Region


Seoul, Korea - Over the course of three days, the OECD/KPC workshop on abuse of dominance was held in Seoul, South Korea, bringing together competition authorities from the Asia-Pacific region. The workshop aimed to promote knowledge sharing and strengthen the understanding of key aspects related to combatting abuse of dominance cases.


Organized by the OECD and the Korea Policy Centre (KPC), the workshop featured a comprehensive agenda with presentations from industry experts and discussions on critical topics such as market definition, establishing dominance, predatory conduct, excessive pricing, and abuse of dominance in the digital economy.


The workshop commenced with opening remarks from Mr. Ori Schwartz, Head of Competition Division at the OECD, and Mr. Hotae Kim, Director General of the OECD/KPC Competition Programme. Attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their agencies before delving into the workshop's sessions.


Throughout the event, experts from various competition authorities delivered informative presentations on topics such as market definition in abuse of dominance cases and establishing dominance, including factors such as market power, market shares, barriers to entry, and joint dominance. The discussions also covered different types of anti-competitive practices, including predatory pricing, rebates, tying and bundling, refusals to supply, and margin squeeze.


The workshop highlighted the role of economists and economic analysis in abuse of dominance cases, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based decision making. Remedies and sanctions in abuse of dominance cases were also explored, providing insights into effective enforcement actions.


Participants engaged in hypothetical case studies, allowing for practical application of the concepts discussed throughout the workshop. The event also provided an opportunity for competition authorities from India, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asia Pacific countries to share their experiences with abuse of dominance investigations.


One of the key highlights was a session on abuse of dominance in the digital economy, which examined the challenges and market power issues arising from the fast-paced technological advancements in the region.

The workshop concluded with a wrap-up discussion led by Ms. Holly Jamieson, Senior Competition Expert at the OECD, to consolidate the key takeaways and workshop outcomes. Mr. Ori Schwartz and Mr. Hotae Kim provided closing remarks, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among competition authorities in combatting abuse of dominance and ensuring fair and competitive markets in the Asia-Pacific region.


The OECD/KPC workshop served as a platform for fostering cooperation and enhancing understanding among competition authorities, ultimately contributing to the effective enforcement of competition laws and the promotion of competition in the region.

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