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Competition Workshop on Advocacy Strategies


OECD KPC and TCCT co-hosts OECD/KPC Workshop on Advocacy Strategies for Competition Authorities in Asia-Pacific


Date: October 25-27, 2022


Bangkok, Thailand - Nearly 60 participants, including representatives from prominent competition authorities, gathered in Bangkok for the OECD/KPC Workshop on Advocacy Strategies for Competition Authorities in the Asia-Pacific region. The three-day event, held from October 25 to 27, provided a platform for knowledge sharing, practical insights, and case studies aimed at enhancing advocacy efforts in promoting competition and consumer-friendly policies.


The workshop commenced with introductory remarks and a keynote address by Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, former Prime Minister of Thailand, highlighting the crucial role of competition policy in shaping market-friendly environments. His speech set the tone for the discussions that followed.


Distinguished speakers from renowned organizations, including the OECD, ACCC, CMA (UK), and TCCT, delivered presentations on a variety of topics. Mr. Nattapol Pourprasert provided a comprehensive overview of creating a competition culture in Thailand, tracing the evolution of competition law and institutional settings in the country. Meanwhile, Mr. Francesco Naismith shared Australia's experience with evidence-based advocacy, emphasizing the role of market studies in driving pro-competition changes in markets.


The workshop also featured sessions on competitive neutrality tools, where Mr. Wouter Meester presented the OECD Recommendation on Competitive Neutrality, stressing the importance of a level playing field and addressing market distortions to foster favorable conditions for efficient firms. Furthermore, Mr. Paul Barnes from the CMA outlined the advocacy processes employed by the UK's competition authority, highlighting prioritization, analysis, and the utilization of advocacy tools.


Laws and regulations pertaining to competition assessment were discussed, with the OECD showcasing its work in the logistics sector across ASEAN countries. Market studies emerged as a key topic, with the ACCC (Australia), CCCS (Singapore), and CMA (UK) sharing experiences and case studies, underscoring the importance of market studies as an effective tool for advocacy and identifying competition issues.


The third day of the workshop witnessed insightful sessions on advocacy experiences by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), crisis advocacy by the KFTC (Korea), and various types of market studies conducted in the Philippines. These sessions provided attendees with diverse perspectives and approaches to advocacy in different contexts.


The workshop concluded with an open roundtable discussion, enabling participants to actively engage, pose questions, and share their own experiences. The interactive session promoted further collaboration and knowledge exchange among attendees, fostering a spirit of cooperation among competition authorities in the Asia-Pacific region.


Ruben Maximiano and Jungwon Song, in their closing remarks, reiterated the significance of continued collaboration and knowledge sharing in advancing competition and consumer-friendly policies. The workshop's success in enhancing advocacy strategies for competition authorities in the region laid a strong foundation for future endeavors in promoting fair and competitive markets.

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