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2017 APG Forum on Regional Development

Asian Public Governance Forum on Regional Development for Inclusive Growth


The OECD KOREA Policy Centre hosted an international forum on “Regional Development for Inclusive Growth” in Seoul on 22-23 March 2017. The purpose of the forum was to provide an open platform for international experts and country representatives to share regional development practices and experience across countries and to explore strategies for Asian countries in achieving inclusive growth in urban and rural areas.

The forum recognized that the unbalanced growth in regions is slowing down the national development of the countries. The emphasis on economic growth alone as the national development agenda has contributed to a “disconnect” between the quest for productivity and individual well-being. The forum acknowledged the productivity and inclusion challenges identified in the OECD Regional Outlook 2016, as well as its insights and lessons with policy recommendations to address them.

Each session had an expert moderator, two presenters and two discussants from various international organizations (OECD, ADB, and CIRDAP) and associations from different countries (Indonesia, Ireland, Japan Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, and Slovenia).

The meeting was attended by more than 118 participants from 23 countries. The audience included representatives from Korean ministries and subsidiary research institutes, country delegates from embassies to Korea, participants to the capacity building program on regional development from the National Academy on Governance (Mongolia) and global leadership program hosted by the Local Government Officials Development Institute of Korea.

For Forum Proceedings, Presentation Materials and Photos, please refer to the links found above page.

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