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The 99th Tax Seminar on Tax Policy Analysis and Revenue Statistics

The 99th tax seminar on Tax Policy Analysis and Revenue Statistics has been held in Seoul from March 20th to 25th by the OECD Korea Policy Centre. This workshop has focused on a selection of key tax policy challenges currently faced by the participating countries through presentations relying on the recent OECD research as well as discussions, case studies and country presentations. 


This has allowed participants to share views and experiences in tax policy analysis and practical solutions to the common issues faced by countries in developing and implementing modern and sustainable tax systems. 


Specific topics covered during this workshop include: using analytical tools in tax policy analysis; balancing conflicting tax policy goals; personal income tax design issues; corporate income tax design issues; tax incentives, tax expenditure reporting and cost-benefit analysis; tax avoidance and evasion; taxation of the self-employed and small businesses; and consumption tax design issues.



< Mr. Alastair Thomas>


<Mr. Tibor Hanappi>


<Mr. Christian Valenduc > 


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