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2008 7th Competition Workshop


2008 7th Competition Workshop on Regional Antitrust Workshop on Anti-Cartel Enforcement


ㅁ Date : 2008. 12. 10. ~ 12. 12.
ㅁ Venue : Ramada Hotel, Seoul, Korea
ㅁ Participant Countries : China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Main Contents
ㅁ This workshop is designed to give participants an introduction to the theory and practical considerations involved in modern anti-cartel enforcement. It is structured around an extended case study of a hypothetical asphalt cartel, interspersed with lectures from experts on various aspects of cartels and cartel investigations. The hypothetical case study is divided into three blocks. During the first block, participants meet with whistleblowers and a market expert and review case documents. After the first block , a dawn raid is supposed to have taken place, and the Competition Commission has initiated and formally started an investigation. During the second block, the participants meet with the customers and one of the cartel companies which has decided to cooperate with the Competition Commission. During the third block, the participants will meet with the cartel companies themselves. During each block, the participants will be divided into two groups, and each group will interview one character each. The two groups, subsequent to the interviews, will brief each other on each group’s findings and thereafter jointly assess and determine what has taken place. Each block will conclude with a discussion among the participants in which they jointly decide what will be the appropriate next steps in carrying out the investigation.

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