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The 18th Pension Experts Meeting in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Health and Social Policy Programme of the OECD Korea Policy Centre, in collaboration with the OECD, convened the 18th Asia-Pacific Pension Experts Meeting in Seoul from June 17th (Monday) to 18th (Tuesday), 2024.


The theme of this year’s meeting, "Reforming and Modernizing Global Pension Systems: Insights from the OECD and the Future of the Asia-Pacific Region," aimed to facilitate the exchange of critical issues and experiences in pension policies among OECD and Asia-Pacific countries. The objective was to compare and analyze various pension systems to develop models and application indicators tailored to regional characteristics.


This meeting brought together 31 distinguished pension experts from 10 countries to present the latest trends and innovative practices in pension systems identified by the OECD. Reform cases from Korea, Australia, Norway, and Japan were also showcased. Additionally, the meeting featured in-depth presentations and discussions on the current status and challenges of pension systems in Asia-Pacific nations.


Participating countries included Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Finland, Norway, Australia, and Japan. This meeting provided a valuable platform for sharing insights into each country’s pension policies and operational expertise.

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