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Workshop on Market Studies


The OECD/KPC held a workshop on market studies. The workshop introduced the main uses for market studies - support of competition enforcement and competition advocacy. Based on OECD work products, criteria for market study selection and prioritisation were introduced, followed by practical examples of market study work and the introduction of best practices for market study investigations. Possible results and enforcement and advocacy related strategies were discussed.  



The OECD-Korea Policy Centre workshop in Seoul, Korea on November 14 - 16 on “Market Studies” reached participants from countries across Asia, including China, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Kyryzstan. Panellists included experts from the Korea Fair Trade Commission, the Lithuanian Competition Council, the European Commission, the ACCC and the OECD.



Throughout the seminar it showed that jurisdictions with experience had very similar learnings and that these can help younger jurisdictions avoid the mistakes their experienced peers have made. Participants were encouraged to conduct market studies and reminded that there was no need to start big, but that a small but relevant and contained market study could produce valuable results and provide much needed practical insights for future market studies

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