Tax Programme

Establishment of a Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center (KTC) (May, 1997)
  • Exchange of Agreement between the Korean Minister of Finance and Economy and Secretary-General of the OECD
  • Promulgation of Information on Establishment and Management of the Center (No. 349, Ordinance of the Prime Minister)(August 9, 1997)
Opening of a Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center (September 12, 1997)
Integrated into the OECD/KOREA Policy Centre (February 1, 2007)
Major Functions
Exchange of information on international taxation
among non-OECD economies in the Asian region
Prevention of tax-related frictions between countries 
through international tax seminars
Research and analysis on international taxation
Participation in non-OECD economies programmes of the OECD
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