History and Function



Establishment(February 1, 2007)
· Korea-OECD Multilateral Tax Center (Ministry of Finance and Economy),
  OECD-Korea Regional Centre for Competition (Fair Trade Commission),

  OECD Asian Centre for Public Governance (Ministry of Government 
  Administration and Home Affairs) and Regional Centre on Health and
  Social Policy (Ministry of Health and Welfare) have integrated into the
  OECD/KOREA Policy Centre. 
    ▶ Reference : No. 490, Ordinance of the Prime Minister (December 29, 2006.)


· Provide education and training to the officials and experts of OECD member
  economies and non-member economies in the fields of tax, competition,
  public governance, and social policy.

· Conduct research and consultation, and share policy experiences
  and trends between economies in the above fields.