Welcoming Message

Executive Secretary, OECD/Korea Policy CentreWelcome to the OECD/KOREA Policy Centre. 

OECD/KOREA Policy Centre is an international cooperation
organisation established by a  Memorandum of Understanding between the OECD and the Government of the Republic of Korea.

Major functions of the Centre are to research international standards and policies on international taxation, competition, public governance, and social policy sectors in OECD member economies and to disseminate research outcomes to public officials and experts in the Asian region.

In pursuit of this vision, the Centre hosts various kinds of educational programs, international meetings, seminars, and workshops in each sector and provides policy forums presented by experts at home and abroad.

OECD/KOREA Policy Centre will spare no effort to serve as a leading organisation in the Asian-Pacific region to spread advanced systems based on OECD policies.

Thank you.

 Dr. Hong-Tack Chun
Executive Secretary, OECD/Korea Policy Centre
Jun. 1985 Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, U.S.A.
Feb. 1976 B.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, Korea
2015 ~  Present Executive Secretary, OECD Korea Policy Center
2013 ~ 2014 Executive Director, Center for International Development, KDI
2011 ~ 2013 Senior Fellow, Department of Public Finance and Social Policy & Chief, Division of Planning Development
2010 ~ 2011 Executive Director and Chief Economist, KDI
2006 ~ 2009 Managing Director, Economic Information and Education Center, KDI
2005 ~ 2006 Managing Director, Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center, KDI
2002 ~ 2002 Acting President, KDI
2001 ~ 2004 Vice President, KDI
2000 ~ 2001 Chief, Division of Money and Finance, KDI
1997 ~ 1999 Director, Office of Research Planning and Coordination, KDI
1997 ~ 2014 Senior Fellow, KDI
1995 ~ 1998 Chief, Division of North Korean Economy, KDI
1990 ~ 1997 Fellow, KDI
1987 ~ 1990 Fellow, Korea Institute of Finance
1985 ~ 1987 Economist, The Bank of Korea
Dec. 2005 Commendation of The Minister of Planning and Budget
Dec. 1992 Commendation of The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Planning Board